Julia and the kidnapper

Julia, a young girl with long blonde hair, crawled along on her flat tummy in the damp, dark tunnel, wondering whether she should turn back then and there. All of a sudden, there was an ear splitting cry, so Julia decided to leave that idea behind. Thump, Julia had hit her head on the wall in front of her. Looking round, she realised that she had come to a fork in the tunnel, so she decided right is right and left is wrong. A light shone at the end of the tunnel, she had gone the correct way! But then she spotted it, a bear trap. Looking in her pockets, she found an old tennis ball deep beneath all her scraps. When she came into the light, she straightened up and dropped the ball into the trap. Ding! Now she had finished her trap, she had to flee the scene.


Mr Thomson, an old, greying man, ran, crouched against the tunnel roof. Far in front of him, there was a girl named Julia, who knew too much about his life and what he does everyday. All the time, he tries to kidnap children then send them to work in his mines under his house to find gem and jewels. Hat the end of each tunnel he had put bear traps for her to be trapped in. He watched her as she turned right, he knew that tunnel led back to his house. Ding! His trap had worked! Sprinting ever faster, he saw something small, a tennis ball? She had tricked him!

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