Katelyn and Bilal . the mid night Ghost

In the middle of the night Terry and Tilly was out on a walk they saw an abondond hospital they dared each other to enter . They both went in together . Terry wonted to go one way but Tilly wonted to go the other way so they split up . They both  made sure that  they could here each other then they said there good byes for now . There was no one around ….Then Terry saw some blood he yelled for Tilly  “Tilly ,Tilly come quick look what i found !” Running Tilly look on the floor THERE was a trail of blood . They both decided to stick together this time and they followed the trail …..!!!!!

There was a room,and in the room there was a patient in the corner standing facing the wall ….  The lights went off and they could not see a thing just then Terry and Tilly felt a bony hand on there sholders and then FLASH is was bright again and the patient wasnt there and there was just a big splat of blood on the wall . They ran and ran to **** the boddy again Tilly  was confused why she thought . wondering they both started to here ecoes .”do u here that ” asked Tilly ” ye do u ” replyed Terry They both go sckerd and ran out side  lokking behined them was the boddy that they saw a ,minits ago . Running with all of there strenth they where so busy tat they got lost and  lucky Terry had his phone and some how had wifi.

They go home and told here mum and dad there dad was confused why they had blood all over them “get in the bath ” there  dad said . Terry and Tilly was confused why . They looked in the mirow . They ran a bath and got in when the  got out the bath was red .Walking to there room on the wall there was writing with blood saying REMEMBER ME ! Tat same night they both coulnd get to sleep .

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