Kieran and Jessica, The haunted school!!!

Jeff swung the door open, and shouted “Hi Mr Jack, interupting the teaching live lesson. Mr Jack was not happy at all, everyone looked around to see who it was interupting the lesson, they were all very angry. The boy was in  very big trouble, but he didn’t want to go to the head teacher for being naughty “I am so sorry everyone it was an accident.” Just after,  the lights turned off for a split second, when they came back on the only person in the room was the teacher and all the children had vanished.It was very mysterious…There was a strange knocking at the door, it  swung open and a creepy old clown and when they took there mask of  under neath the mask was a little old lady. Mr Jack was so shocked that he fainted and the little old lady took him to her lair, when he woke up he was in the bacement of the school storage.  

There was no light at all, all he could hear was people breathing the stud up and hit his head on something when he pulled it a light  came on, he found the children that were in his class hanging from the wall by some chanes and they all had towels over their faces so Mr Jack went over and untied them and took them back to the classroom and locked the door and windows and pulled the blinds down and carried on teaching from where they had finnished.

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