late for school

Jacob was late for school and the teacher was doing the register. He sneakily tried to slip into his seat, but old hawk eye spotted him. “Sorry, miss” he mumbled. Shaking with fear.

Vincant fell out of his bed waking him up with a shock at 8 am.  He has 25 minuets to get ready for school as fast as he could, before he reached the limit. He tried to open the door, but he missed it and smashed face first in to the door, opening it wide, and falling to the ground. He got back up but dropped his phone,and broke it.

3 Responses to “late for school”

  1. I really like this but don’t know what old hawk eye spotted him mean’s other than that it is really good

  2. I love the tittle! Can you tell me more about the hawk eye? Maybe add some speech?

  3. Well done!!
    Are you always late for school?

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