Late For School By Connor

Elliot slowly and quietly nudged the door open trying not to be heard. When he got noticed, he said, “Sorry I’m late,” as tranquil as possible, so soundless it felt like he was whispering as he tiptoed past the whole class he gently put his bag on his peg and rushed back to his seat.

Dean threw the door open as loud as he could not caring about everyone noticing him or getting told off. He said to his teacher, “Sorry I’m late I was just busy not being at school,” everyone laughed as he dunked his bag onto his peg and scurried to his seat.

“You two are staying in at break and telling me why you were late understood,” Mr Bob told them “Understood,” Elliot said in a soft tone

“Uhhh nah,” Dean exclaimed with a smug face causing everyone to laugh once again before starting the lesson. Elliot was one of the people who Dean wanted to make a confident person out of, but Dean never managed to do that. Elliot and Dean pretended to listen. Elliot was trying to create a morning routine to help get to school on time, Dean was thinking of more jokes to tell to the class, meanwhile Elliot’s friend Rob took in every word.

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