Mars Base 7

Florence stumbled into the shuttle, flapping her arms around, still trying to get used to null gravity,

“Sorry,” she mumbled,”I’m not quite used to this gravity!”


After a while, commander Ali leaped through the doorway,”Sol 537,morning mission control!”

He back-flipped into his seat and secured his seat belt,”Ok, put me through 7G’s, surveillance check

346.567 of martian elevator 37!”


Just before the doors closed, Dave made another of his last minute entrances,”Hi can I have some

breakfast before the stupid check pleas sir?”

“No it’s not stupid and the breakfast is downstairs in pod nine, and if we don’t check it it ma explode!”


A whirring sound echoed as the three were pressed into their seats,”Switching from zero G’s to

seven G’s never gets old!” Exclaimed Ali

They flew down the elevator, until at last, they stepped out of an airlock to the martian surface.

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