My Character

Bobitta entered the Newport Workhouse not knowing what to do or not to do. While in the food hall, he watched another child that had hair unlike him and he asked him his name.  He replied “ Oh, hi you’re a newcomer and I had no hair before you came and it was always cold and also my name is Michael, let me tell you the do’s and don’ts”. In the middle of the story a guardian of the workhouse called us and told us we are getting whipped and Bobitta was shaking outside the wind is howling on the trees. Bobitta had as much butterflies in his stomach as much butterflies in the planet.


Bobbita has been in the workhouse for that long he has very long hair and he needed to escape and get his hair cut. In the night when everybody was sleeping that was his chance to strike. He carefully pulled the handle of the windows and jumped out.  Next he travelled to London Street and he found a new home. What will happen to him next?…

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