One Step Closer

Liana sat in the empty room, with her hands tied behind her back. The mouth covering was making her face itch. But she couldn’t take it off. She peered around the room, looking for anything that could help her. It was dark. Suddenly, she noticed a tall figure standing in the corner of the room. She leaned closer, and tried to figure out who it was. It stepped one step closer.

It kept moving. One step closer, every few seconds. Liana wrestled the rope that tied her hands, panicking about who it was. She kicked dramatically, and the figure stopped moving. It hesitated, and reached down to grab her hand. It untied her, and walked away. Liana took off her face covering and whispered quietly “Wait..” It turned, and faced her. “Who are you?” she asked curiously.

It crept closer, and revealed itself. It took of a mask to reveal a tall woman, dressed in full black. Liana shuffled further away. The woman slumped down, and sat with Liana. “I want to help you,” the woman explained. “But if you want help, you are going to have to listen very carefully”. Liana nodded her head slowly, still trying to keep her distance. “Follow me,” the woman said. “Wait, I still don’t know who you are, or what’s going on!” Liana exclaimed. “Im Nessie, I work for some people who want to help you get away.” Liana looked confused. “Get away from what, or who?” Nessie sighed. “They want the ring! They want you!”

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