Th fight

“ Kia where  have you been ?”thundered Mr Duncan, Kia knew he couldn’t say he was in a fight with the school bully “ The car broke down,”mumbled Kia. He had to hope the school bully didn’t see him.

As fast as a second, break had come . He had to hide , but where to ? The bushes . He entered a small thorny passage and sat on a damp log .little did he know that thug (the school bully) was watching every step he made . Swoosh ! Swoosh he heard a person entering the bush it was thug . He grabbed his jumper and dragged him out. “oh no” said Kia in a regretful tone, “oh yes “said thug . Holding him him up like a weight . “Do you know why they call me thug,” grinned thug Kia already knew the answer. “Because I act like one.” Then his fist lashed out , every thing went blurry her heard nothing. He didn’t really want to hear him laugh any way.


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