The abandoned pub, by Hannah and Jasmine

Sabrina,crept down the ancient, crumbling, creepy stares of the pub that had been abandoned years ago. Because of this, Sabrina (an escaped orphan ), had now made this building her home. “HISS HISS! ” Screeched Midnight, desperate to explore the outside world. Sabrina ignored the cat. She raced outside. The moon-light pond twinkled mysteriously .

Sabrina ran to the pond in hopes to catch a sight of the  midnight unicorn  because people  think it is  not real however if she sore one her wishes would come true .Sabrina thinks that she can take down the bullies if  she trusted  in her self . Because the bullies are terrible so Sabrina has to stand up to her self ” Come ,come!” Cried the bullies ” No because I now how you are!” Then the  bullies became angry. She threw the bullies down because she trusted in her self .

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