The bike

The young boy called Archie strolled through the abandoned bike shop. Examining the bikes carefully he selected one, it was a bike with fine and intricate with details painted on it.But when Archie picked up the bike to take home, he could not pick it up it felt like the bike wanted to stay in the shop. He didn’t give up though he tried and tried dragging it out of its holder, it was not budging.

After a long aching hour, Archie finally got a good grip on the bike and yanked it out. Grasping it tight he carefully dodged the door frame and  rowed down the back street. Suddenly an echoing voice boomed and filled the sky with horror. Thunder lashed down. Rain fell. Every-thing went dark. As Archie sprinted across the cobble path he felt something grasp his leg…

It was just the chain wrapping around his leg, it felt like a bony hand, gripping on for it’s life. But suddenly the bike was pushing back it was like something was calling it. The bike was turning hot and then the bike was fully raped in fire……

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