The black silhouette

Bianca was on her way home from school, she was a 12 year old girl and she was small for her age. She remembered she had to pick some shopping up for her mum. Bianca walked to the corner shop. She slid through the door to get into the corner shop, she walked over to the old little, small till. A strange man walked in front of the counter. “Hi, my mum wants me to pick some shopping up.”

“Name.” The shopkeeper said back.

“Jenifer Smith” The shopkeeper left behind some doors saying STAFF ONLY. Bianca peered through the slim window built in the door. She saw to men loading the shopping into a box. She waited for the shopkeeper to came back. The STAFF ONLY door burst open and the shopkeeper came through a gap in the door with a box of all sorts. “Thanks,” Bianca said. She took the box and went out of the shop. A few minutes into her walk she sensed someone watching her and following her. She checked her watch, it was 5 pm. It started to rain. She turned around and saw a black silhouette walking towards her. What should she do?

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