The blood thirsty unknown man

As the moon darted up, Harry stood still wondering where he was,he stood by some sort of grave stone. The sound of screaming echoed down the grave yard . The grave stone laughed at Harry as if it was alive. Where was he?

Harry darted  towards a dark shady figure ,the figure started sprinting away from Harry.Harry was not giving up. This running went on for a while, until, all of a sudden, Harry fell down a deep dark well. As Harry fell, he said to him self  “it’s just a dream IT’S JUST A DREAM!!” but was it ever going to end?..

Harry hit the ground with a loud BANG!! The first thought that came to mind was where is that evil dark figure? A few seconds later, that same figure peered down the well and smiled .A minute later the figure        ran of into the darkness within.Harry’s heart pounded like never before…

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