The class day by Daisy

As Summer pranced into to classroom, she smiled while saying, “Good morning Mr Morris,” and happily sprinted to take her seat.

30 minutes later, Jacob came in, he slammed the door shut and then all eyes turned on him. He then mumbled, “Morin’n Mr Morris sorry I am late,” as he was slowly walking to his desk.

Surprisingly, Jake was partnered with Summer when he sat down she said, “Hello my name is Summer,”  then he said nothing he just stayed quite.

2 Responses to “The class day by Daisy”

  1. Hi Daisy.
    1. I like the line “As summer pranced into the classroom” it shows she’s really enthusiastic to be in the classroom.
    2. On the line “30 minutes later, Jacob came in” why was he late?
    3. You could say on the line “Summer happily sprinted to her seat” you could say if she was sat at the back or the front of the classroom.

  2. Hi Daisy
    1. I like the line “as Summer pranced into the classroom” it really helps me picture summer in my mind and what she’s doing.
    2. Why did Jake ignore her when she said “hello my name is Summer”?
    3. Where is Summer’s seat is it at the front or the back of the classroom ?But other than that there is no other improvements . Amazing writing keep it up

    From Hevenle
    Well done and keep up with the good ideas! And also keep on writing.

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