The consequence of war… Katie and Archie

Frightened, Lulu squinted up with tears falling, the dull night sky was filled with smoke. What was that noise?… She looked back at her crumbling home and her unfortunate family. It was 1939 and war had just broken out. Their house was destroyed… They lost their belongings… They had nowhere to go….

Handing over Lulu’s little brother Jack  she tried to stop him from crying. Her mum got in the carriage. “oh it will be okay everyone has unfortunate challenges, all you can do is tackle them!” she said grabbing Lulu’s arm. They got the horses ready and buckled them up to the carriage. Off they went into town. Her mum  tried to lift their spirits but it was proven uneasy. So they simply carried on silent for the rest of the journey.

When they arrived they searched the town for a safe place, but they found nothing, they were about to give up when the Syrians went off people started screaming the horses jumped. They had to flee. They ran around searching desperately, they were out of hope, they were planning their fiat  when they saw saw their only safety a house, a mansion, but it was no ordinary mansion it was dark and abandoned yet you could hear voices and screams.

They didn’t care anymore either way they were going to die, so they dashed in only for Lulu to nearly fall through the floor and only for Jack to scream and cry. They carried on up the uneven stairs only to hear voices. Their mum cleared her throat “They must have a andersion shelter somewhere!” but then they were interrupted by an luminous figure appearing from the shadows.

It was dark. It was petrifying. It was after them…

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