The creepy room!!!

Scarlett crept into the eerie room. A cackle awoke from beneath the ground. The wind cursed her, howling in furry. Then a speck of black appeared in the crack of the door, before forming a point and disappearing in a flash. The helpless broom lying next to Scarlett shook with fear. Thunder growl and rain pounded against the window like a bunch of bullies.

Instantly, the lights went out. Scarlett pulled pulled out a box of matches and lit a candle. The flickering light of the candle, crackled and popped in fright. A flash of light shimmered from behind the door frame. Scarlett stood still like ice; frozen like a statue. The door started to open. Little by little the crack grew bigger. Then a small girl about 5 years old ,who claimed to be Marie, materialised, in front of her.

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