The dragon

One day when Lily crept down the stairs dodging the second stair.When she went back to her room she heard a thud down stair’s.At that moment she wanted to checked if her mum and dad are here.

When she checked her mum and dad they wasn’t there.Lily’s hear pounded that she was so scared that she noticed she is alone.When she was in her room she went under he blanket so scared because she was alone.

When she went to sleep she heard a sound so she woke up so scared but then she saw a mythical creature with wings and red skin so she went to take a little look and it was a dragon.

When she saw a dragon she ran out of her room as fast as she can so she hid.When Lily was hiding she thought  that the dragon was gonna find her.When the dragon found her Lily was so scared but the dragon was kind


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