The Ebony Shadow

At Dusk, Sam crept cautiously down the stairs to go meet Laura, a friend of hers. When she got to Laura’s house, she rang the door bell, ding ****, nobody answered. Again, ding ****, nobody answered.

Sam turned around and in the corner of her eye she saw an ebony figure. Suddenly, the moon rose with a green light, she screamed and rapidly ran to the closest forest. She was lost. The trees clawed at the night sky. She heard cries of innocent children beneath the earth. In the dead of night, she felt something slithering up her leg.

Anxiously, she entered a grave yard and saw a tiny cottage , she knocked… Boom Boom! The door creaked open ”AHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed and ran into the cottage. The figure followed her… what happened next will shock you…

In the room the ebony figure’s eyes lit up and the screaming got louder and louder. The windows smashed. Sam started to hear a voice saying “help help help me please!” the figure said, ” I’m stuck here help me please I beg you” it whispered “Come on kind girl!!!” the figure shouted “HELP HELP”.

Will she ever get out of here?

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