The Fear Within

“Quick over here!!” Screamed Xavier. They ran towards an old, abandoned, dark forest. They flew past the trees and into the hut. The floor boards creaked loudly and dust fell between the cracks, they hid behind the stairs. The darkness swept them up, all they could see was pitch black it was like being in a coma. Xavier and Taylor could hear the ringing in their ears. They couldn’t bare the smell it was like over cooked fish! Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming towards them. They kept still and closed their eyes. What was it? Taylor peered round the corner hoping that he was gone she pointed and whispered, “He’s over there if we run he won’t see us.” Xavier nodded. As fast as they could they ran back into there house locked the doors and went upstairs. They both hid under the blankets. There were silence until…BANG! The door crashed open…

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