The figure

Silently, Mike opened a chipped door and got chills down his spine he had the feeling that this abandoned house wasn’t haunted *thud* a brick fell  he wasn’t safe here. But the house must be owned by someone or used to be owned.

He went home and acted as it was a normal day. Later on a car got broke into near the abandoned house now it was getting fishy. He called the police but there was no finger prints signs or clues just a dark figure in a hallway.

There was a loud squeal it was the door shutting there was pure silence.. then loud footsteps BANG BANG BANG Mike knew this wasn’t his alibi because he was outside then a scary voice quietly said I can hear you.

All the windows were boarded up he had nowhere to go except one place downstairs! He could get caught but it’s his only escape Mike ran downstairs got to the exit but then he vanished like it was a dream…

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