The fire

Ari pushed her way through the sharp brambles the thorns catching on her ashy torn dress, as she peered across the burning river a thought crossed her mind. The fire had started in the hospital basement”JAMIE!” Ari recalled the recent events matron always said Jamie was wild with hair like a birds nest. She had always imagined with a sparrow nested on top of her head but Ari didn’t like that thought. Some kids had been bullying her she never liked that though thinking about it no one would, she was furious and threatened to burn the whole place down and i thought she was joking but, Ari snapped back to reality and rested herself on a old stump. A few seconds later she heard a rustling behind her and a head popped out from the dense bushes “Tami?”she bounded out from the undergrowth her freckled face framed in wild scarlet curls “What are you doing here you died!”.


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