The Forbidden Forest

In the dead of night, Hannah snuck down the stairs trying to be as quiet as a mouse. Ten minutes later, Hannah arrived at the forbidden forest. Anxiously, she walked up the elderly stairs and her imagination went WILD!Not in a good way though. All Hannah could hear was the trees howling “go home and run”. She did not give up though. All she wanted to do was find a magical pygmy puff.Then she could show her friends.

The trees swayed as the lightning and rain howled and screamed. Hannah could of sworn that she could see a beady eye following every step she dared to take.Hannah felt like she was in a never ending nightmare.Suddenly she fell asleep.

  Five minutes later,or shall I say an hour, Hannah finally woke up. Hannah dreamt about seeing a pygmy puff and keeping it as a pet! Hannah could still see that eye staring into her soul. Hannah felt like she would never be cheerful again. Suddenly,she could see a shadow coming closer and closer….She jumped off the ground and asked herself what is that? She shouted “WHAT ARE YOU.COME HERE NOW”.

Leaves crunched under her feet as she took a step. Hannah did not know if she would come out alive. Hannah ran into a tree as it swooped and waved. Hannah was petrified…She ran as fast as a cheetah.She made it

 Now since that happened all of the gates are closed locked so nobody can go in there.Everyone locked their doors,closed their windows and their curtains.It has been 100 years now and nobody comes out of their homes.Now the streets are cursed forever…..

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