The Forbidden Forest

Crystal had a lovely life, everyone thought of her as a real crystal. One sunny afternoon, she decided to go on a walk. She had always wondered what was in the forbidden forest so she slipped on her shoes, put on her jacket and turned the golden door nob.Fifteen minutes later, Crystal had arrived at the forbidden forest. She felt nervous yet confident. What would she find? She breathed in and stepped into the forest. All of a sudden the sky went a dark colour of grey. A shiver went down Crystal’s spine. The tall trees swayed in the now strong wind, leaves whipped through the sky and rain started to pour down. Fear rushed through Crystal. What was happening? Without warning, a big figure bolted past her. It was so fast that she didn’t get the chance to see what it was. Crystal wanted to find her way home, to get out of this nightmare. Unfortunately, the thickened fog had blocked her sight and she couldn’t see a thing! Suddenly it felt as if her soul was fading away…

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