The Forest’s Secret

Miles collapsed on his bed with nothing to do. Suddenly, he got an idea. He chucked a ton of pillows under his blanket so it looked like he was asleep, then unlocked the window and leaped down…forgetting he was on the third floor. Luckily, he landed in the back of a trash truck. He slipped out and sprinted through the alleyways (he called them secret shortcuts) and eventually got his destination.

He arrived at Spine Snapper Forest. Despite the name, Spine Snapper Forest was littered with cherry blossom trees, filled with pandas and covered by lizards. Bright sunlight slipped between the branches of the trees. Miles wandered aimlessly through, admiring the scenery. Eventually he settled by a pond to relax, dreaming about goblins and gremlins.

A loud cracking noise woke Miles up. He looked around, breathing heavily yet silently to avoid whatever made the noise catching him… or whoever. When he saw nothing was there he calmed down, and then realised there was something… A crimson eye flicked open and shut in the middle of the darkness and the smell of mouldy mushrooms filled his nostrils. He cautiously walked towards it, but without warning it disappeared.

Miles heard footsteps coming towards him from behind. Miles’s feet decided it was time to leg it. He dashed down the street and his surroundings seemed blurred… apart from four red and black tentacles… He kept running and reached the exit.

Exhausted, he walked along the road, rain dripping on his face. Or was it sweat? He tried not think about what had happened, as the more he thought about it the more his brain ached. Rain spat down from the frosty evening sky, and in the middle of the road he saw the silhouette of a small boy with tentacles on its back, and a bright crimson light flashed from the left side of its face. Many days passed, many days passed, and Miles was never heard from again, though some believe he’s still out there…

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