The Forgotten “Hound”.

Chapter 1

Noah woke up in shock!, He let out a breath of relief “It was just a nightmare…” Noah thought to himself,He got out of bed and left his room.Noah headed down stair’s and when he got there he went to the kitchen and then opened a cabinet proceeding to grab a glass and filling it with water,He turned around and advanced toward’s the stair’s.As he was about to reach his room, he heard a creak..It was from down stair’s! Noah, being a brave kid when to see what it was, When he got down there the door was open “Wait, I locked it didn’t I?” Noah said out loud, He looked to his side and saw Milo (His dog) barking at the door as if something was there..but there was nothing in sight, Noah looked outside..there was something out there eating trash well that was what it looked like to Noah dropped his glass of water and it shattered on the door step, that alerted the thing and it dashed into the forest, the forest led to the grave yard and Noah knew that as a fast mistakenly Noah ran after it.Maybe a minute later, Noah reached the gate’s of the grave yard, Noah stopped, the wind howled and the trees taunted.

Chapter 2 

By now, that dog looking figure was far ahead of him, Noah climbed the gate and chased after the creature as fast as humanly possible. About an hour later,  Noah got to the grave yard that creature stood proud on top a giant grave stone howling in the moon light.This sight was like no other…

-To be continued-

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