The ghastly ghosts!

”Kate. I am going out of town for a little while, so look after yourself, please remember to clean the attic!”


A minute later, the door slammed shut. The handle twisted and that showed that Kate was locked in. Upstairs, Kate could hear the floorboards creaking as if someone was up there!

Carefully and quietly, Kate tiptoed up the second floor of stairs into the attic. Every step she was taking that led her closer and closer to the top of the stairs, made her worry more and more.

Finally, she got there. There was dust, cobwebs, spiders and bugs and yucky things.

“Aah” screamed Kate a little over reacting. Then she sprinted down to the second floor it was getting dirtier the same with the first floor! The spiders and bugs were getting bigger and scarier! She thought the basement would be safe so she ran down there. ” Oh my, g-g-GHOSTS! Aah!”

“Ha ha ha oh my gosh Josh you never said it would be making our sister scream!” said a familiar voice “Infact our little sister!” It was Kate’s older sister Lailia.

“Ya it was. Your 15 Lailia so am I, sadly we are twins and Kate’s 12  little kid.” teased her older brother.

” Your meant to be at Ameila’s party. Why were you in sheets like ghosts trying to scare me?”

“Well its a long story!” said Lailia.

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