The girl by Maya

Cautiously, Mia slid down the banister avoiding the crumbling steps. THUD! ‘OOPS’ she thought, as she kept on going, avoiding capture by a hairs breath. She opened the door and crept out into the night. The thunder growled, the lightning pulled through her golden locks. Her blood tingled! Her skin shivered severely! Her mind was bursting…
Instantly, a tree cracked, a bush bustled and a river rushed. Perkin’s pool glistened in the moonlight. It didn’t comfort her! NO! She kept going until… She had glimpsed it. A vague silhouette. A pale nose twitched. One emerald green eye flickered. A blood-red leg appeared, along with an identical arm and hand, only shorter. Then it came!
As Mia darted across the path, her mind raced rapidly. Twigs cracked underfoot! Leaves crumpled! She just ran on and on and on! There was an icy silence. Mia sprinted to her house, into bed and yanked up the covers.

4 Responses to “The girl by Maya”

  1. Hi it’s Henry from SWW.I just wanted to say I really liked when you said Cautiously, Mia slid down the banister avioding the crumbling step. Really well done.

  2. Great job but the sentance thas says perkin pook deos not really make sence you could put the glowing pool or the proud pool.

  3. Hi I really love what you did in your writing it was a great experience .

  4. Well done I like the emarald eyes bit

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