The haunted school, By Masiyat

Lisa was trapped in her school, she tried the door’s but nothing worked. She could hear computer’s cracking like glass. Lisa could see a shadow that she recognised  but she heard a whisper coming from a door. She  sprinted  to the door and opened it. Lisa had never been in this room. Slowly, Lisa took a deep  breath and moved her self  to the door but the door shut right in front of her.

One minute passed, the room was  getting colder. At the back of  the room Lisa spotted a scary spooky skeleton. She heard  another  computer crash. The rain started and a storm appeared, the room got darker. Lisa could hear a voice outside the door.  She felt  tired and hungry. The noise grew louder. What is it? Who are you? Lisa now thought it was a bad idea to enter the room. Was it the shadow? Lisa’s stomach began to churn. The banging  got louder and louder. It started to sound like an aeroplane engine. Then as quick as a flash,  it stopped. All Lisa could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall.

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