The light-Luke

As the day turned DARK Mitski ran through the forest , he had finally met a exit. He grabbed his lighter and ripped a part off his cloth t-shirt , and folded the 5 inch long cloth into a smaller piece of cloth and put it on his left hand , he had then lit it the flame burned. But  Mitski did not care about it as he would rather see then be blind as a bat .

As hours upon hours past he could not see any house or building anywhere , he had keep on  though as he had to get shelter before day-light . As he kept on lighting and re-lighting his hand on fire the pain went all over his arm as he screamed “ ahhhhhhhhhhhhh “ as he screamed. 3 silhouette appeared he had then see a light as his own light went out so did the random one he then headed a voice shout “ Mitski where are you m- “ the voice disappeared in to the darkness .

That week Mistki and his father NEVER ever came home …

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