The lonely house.

Fiona,Owen,Tom and Bernid approached a house.A lonely house that looked as if it hadn’t been open for centuries.A house that had mould and moss from top to bottom.It was a wonky house, every day at least five bricks fell straight to the floor, and the bricks was that old they crumbled after falling on moss.The slate had dead weeds and grass smothering them. Fiona and Tom thought to go inside but Tom didn’t want to so Owen did instead.As they walked inside they had an idea that it was going to be old and smelly, but it’s was perfectly splendid.There was no dust or dirt but in fact it smelt like cinnamon and Christmas.Both Fiona and Owen were shocked on how perfect it was.Suddenly, a loud screeching noise ran all over the house, they was curios of what it was so they covered there ears, and went to the cause of the noise. It was an egg which was as big as them both on top of each other.The egg was moving an unregulated amount. Owen ran up to a button and pressed it.What did it do?

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