The opposite school girls

Alice stumbled into the hall were an assembly was happening. “Sorry Mrs Arena,” she stuttered. “I was late, then i started running the I-I fell…” As red as a beetroot Alice sat down behind Clara  ( the nerd). Still embarrassed, Alice looked down and began to think of what to say tot he teachers.

A few minutes later, Roxy slammed open the hall doors and walked in with a thud. “Don’t look a’ me carry on then.” she said with a moan. She dragged herself along and bounced onto the bench next to Alice.

Roxy rustled in her bag until she found a huge bag of sour skittles and began to chew with her mouth open! Alice looked in discussed , tutted, and moved away. She didn’t say anything because she was to shy. Roxy looked at Alice with a glare. Alice looked at Roxy with a fright.

One Response to “The opposite school girls”

  1. I really like the word stumbled, in the first sentence. From Henry SWW.

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