The shadows

Allette started to run from the sorcerer.
“Stop following me Maneo I know you’re not my dad anymore…”Shouted Allette “so don’t treat me like it!”
“I know,’’ said Maneo “But you can’t find your twin there are so many villages to the east!’’
“How will you find her?”
It went silent for a second…
All you could hear was the wind. Nothing for five whole minutes.
“She doesn’t look like you know “said something but she knew it wasn’t Maneo.
Allette shivered in fear and started to whimper…
“You will never find her” “give up already” “what’s the point of this” all of these voiced flooded her brain.
Maneo came running over, but Allette pushed him away. Her Birthmark on her cheek turned-Red…

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