The sneaky Joanne


Joanne shook as she opened the door but suddenly a big bang from upstairs she ignored it at first though but not the second time as she panicked as the door shut behind her.Then Joanne quickly ran over to the fireplace and hid behind an armchair when she would quickly notice she wasn’t the only person in the room suddenly a scream from upstairs.


Her heart pounded in fear, when all of a sudden a shadowed figure came downstairs and seemed to be very suspicious as if he had done something wrong.  Joanne thought to herself it couldn’t be any worse but she should think again because another man came down the crying stairs and said,“What do we do now?” The other man replied

“We have to dispose of the body.”


Joanne worried about this for some time and knew she had to get out of the building but, at the same time, the two men were still talking, she had to stay focused on staying alive.  The two men then whispered she quickly realised that they knew somebody else was in the room other them themself.

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