The Stolen Town By Thomas and Sofia

Waking up, Lizzy felt a flutter of light coming down on top of her. She looked around, a mysterious vibe climbed into her soul. Lizzy called for her mum. “Mum mum mum!” she called. “Where are you?” Lizzy was shouting and calling for hours. The whole town was gone!!

It was really strange, she usually wakes up to the sound of shrieking children playing with the most annoying dog. As she was placing on her itchy, cotton clothes she heard a noise down at Suspicious Street. She stumbled out  of the front door. There it stood a shadow, a ghost, what was it? The spirit was dark, mistical and had the creepiest face there could possibly be.

“I have stolen every person you know! Ha ha ha!” The figure exclaimed with an evil laugh. Lizzy stood back.

“W..w….w..h..a..t, What are you?!” She stammered in horror. Slowly, the dark spirit drew a knife from the air.

” Are you ready to die young LIZZY?!” the shadow cried from the top of it’s soul. Suddenly, a hand from beside her grabbed right on to her shoulder. They ran. They ran as fast as they could.

“Hi, my names Stephen and who are you?” he whispered as they hurried down the street. Lizzy didn’t have time to reply, the spirit had already got them…


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