The tale of the chosen two!

Gorange slammed the glass window open and climbed into the basement of the old rickety building

“Sorry I’m early Grand Master Funa, I had to make sure I got here on time so.. I,because you see sometimes I lose my toothbrush or shoe,so I got up early but I didn’t……..”he jabbered before being cut of by an echoing voice

“Silence” it boomed “It dose not matter,we just need to wait for the other chosen one!”

“Wait,there’s another chosen one? So we’re the chosen two then, were going to be an amazing duo” Georange screamed physically jumping for joy “This is going to be soooooo amazing I really can’t…….

“I SAID SILENCE”repeated the voice slightly louder than the last time.


Just then a wooden door creaked open and a strange red haired teenager stomped down the broken staircase and flopped on the desk next to next to Gorange with a bored look in his eye.

“Why didn’t you go through the, window that ways way cooler and can help us practice to defeat the Bad guys so why don’t you just……”

“Ugggggrrrrrrrrrrr just shut up ,won’t you ,blah blah blah is all I hear , shut up about random things that no one cares about”moaned Daren


As soon as the pair were both seated ,a hooded figure emerged out of a cupboard at the left hand side of the room.

“Look, look there’s that man with the cool hood look!”squeaked Gorange as he leapt out of his chair.

“UUUUUUUhhhhhhh Shut up!” whisperd Daren to himself desperatly wishing he’d stayed in bed.


2 Responses to “The tale of the chosen two!”

  1. Do not put to much dots in the sentence but from apart that it is good.

  2. Love the punctuation in the sentance.

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