The teachers students

Mark quietly opened the door, hoping no one would notice. He secretly crouched down and started to travel to his seat at the back of the room. When he got to his seat, he gently put down his bag with no sound at all. Mr Clark started to teach the class, but Mark feathered away into a day dream not hearing a thing he said.

Minutes later, Arron barged through the door. He drew everyones attention. Arron exclaimed, “Sorry I’m late Mr Clark I would’ve been here earlier but my mum got stuck in traffic,” When he got to his seat he threw his bag next to his chair and carefully sat on it. He was excited for what he was going to learn about today.

Mr Clark taught everyone about the great barrier reef and how it was made, but Mark didn’t listen and kept on ignoring the teacher’s lesson. However, Arron listened to the work and had a full page of notes by the end of the lesson. Mark was jealous about how Arron was a hard working student. Arron drew everyone’s attention again and shouted, ” Look at my notes everyone, I am the best student in this class!”

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