The test

“Does everybody understand the rules?” Asked Miss Zuzzanna. The class replied with a slow, moan version of ‘yes’. Their teacher was about to start the test timer, but a loud thud on the door distracted each person in the room. “Hey, Miss Zuzzanna!” A voice yelled, “could you let me in?” A sea of murmurs and and chatters flowed through the classroom. The teacher sighed and click-clacked over to the door. She unlocked it and Maria Sładowska ran in, explaining every reason she was late.

Maria threw her bag down, next to an empty desk and sat down. She glanced at the girl next to her, Lena Owsiańska. Lena was glaring at her test paper, clutching her pen. A few awkward moments later, the teacher got up and called: “you may start your test  as soon as the timer starts.”

When the timer had started, Maria scrambled through her bag for her pencil case. She quickly pulled it out, but it was open, so each and every piece of stationary dropped onto the floor. She gasped and fell onto the floor, to gather up her pencils. However, her pencil had rolled to the front of the class.

She couldn’t go there, she would get into trouble. Or worse.

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  1. I really enjoyed this piece of writing, Magdalena! In particular, I loved the sentence, “A sea of murmurs and and chatters flowed through the classroom.” which really captures the way a class behaves when something unexpected happens.

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