The trap by Rowan and Sammy

Will burst in, smashing the door with him. “Stop Joe…oh! Where is he? Must’ve escaped.” he muttered to himself. Will zoomed round the corner and saw Joe tied up. “Joe!” he exclaimed with confusion. Joe had chains and thick ropes around him! “I will need wire cutters, I’ll look for some.” Will told Joe.

Will looked around the creepy, dark hallways. “Wire cutters, wire cutters.” he whispered. He found a box with…wire cutters! As he ran back towards Joe, he couldn’t hear anything except for footsteps. When he ran arrived, Joe wasn’t there!

“Grrrr, it was just a prank!” Will shouted. Fake chains, fake rope, all of it was fake, or was it? “WILL! HELP!” came Joe’s voice from under him. “Joe!? Where are y…! He was stopped when the floor disappeared and he fell..







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