The unknown creature

One night when Joe got home from work and went to bed he couldn’t get to sleep so he went for a walk and when he was on the street he heard footsteps behind him and felt a tap on his shoulder…so he turned around and all he saw was an enormous workhouse, he was confused. When Joe got home he went straight to bed he was so tired by now. The next morning he was about to leave for work so he reached for his keys like always but the keys weren’t there……. So he searched the whole house for them but he couldn’t find them so he rang his work and told them that he can’t find his keys and might be late,  his work said “That’s fine as long as you come in” so he said “ok no problem” then he looked again and double checked where his keys always are but this time they were there Joe didn’t think anything of it so he grabbed the cane and left for the workhouse (his work)…………………..To be continued 

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