The Unknown Figure By Hamza TJS

Amber shed more and more tears by the second. Her tears were equivalent to the rain, at first it was subtle, then it began to pelt heavily. She was sitting beside her local theatre on Turnfurlong Road. Every time she peered into the main room she recollected memories of her parents. But they were gone now, and so was the theatre, ever since the civil war it had been closed. More tears began to trickle down her face and onto the slippery pavement. At this point, she didn’t know the difference between her tears and the rain when they were dropping onto the ground.

She didn’t want to get any wetter from the rain, so she got up and decided to find another place to stay. But as soon as she did so, she instantaneously heard harsh footsteps coming from down the road.Fear stroked her spine and she began to shudder in fright. She was so horror-struck that she was unable to move. The mysterious figure began to reach closer and closer to Amber. Before she knew it, another noise came from behind her, and the mysterious figure had disappeared. But this time, the other ‘unknown individual’ was much closer to her. Amber paused. She felt something on her shoulder, something clinging onto her very tightly. She looked beside her and screamed in terror. The predator had found its prey…

4 Responses to “The Unknown Figure By Hamza TJS”

  1. Hi Hamza, you have definitely written a piece of suspenseful writing here. I really like how you compare the girl’s tears and the rain. I also particularly like the way you drop extra details in – the civil war, for example. It made me want to read more. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. Thank You!

  4. Well done Hamza it is a fabulous piece of work keep it up

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