The Unknown Transformation

When the Purge began, Odette reached the haunted estate called Blood Rose’s End. The Moon rose in a toxic green sky.Then Odette crawled through the grim marshland.She saw  that a Phantom Figure’s silhouette  rose from the purple fog.Swiftly, it moved…

Rapidly, Odette sprinted to the murky lake, where blood red Lily’s grew in the centre. The witch like indigo trees cackled in the howling wind like a wolf. Odette knew something was coming for her..

She ran  as fast as she could. She felt something on her back .. She turned  around nothing was there … She turned back… She froze … Suddenly, she got knocked out.

As she woke up, she got put into a hypnotic trance  that made her mind feel like everything was an illusion, she got taken into an underground lab where she was put into a black capsule. When the ordeal was over she woke as a elemental demon.

What will happen to her next? Is she still good? Is she stuck like this for eternity?

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