The Voice that Spoke By HUmna

Licca stumbled across the woods. Soon she saw a weird building that had moss all over it. She was very eager to see what was inside of the building. So she decided to go in. As she opened the door it creaked suspiciously. Licca was shivering so badly, but she wanted to see more.

Soon, she heard a CRASH and a THUMP. A cold shiver rushed down her spine. She was horrified! ( still a bit baffled to where the sound came from) She then found a secret laboratory, so she decided to open the door ” KILL KILL INTRUDER!” Yelled a voice. Licca saw two robots marching towards her! Quickly, she slammed the door shut. She was panting like crazy! As soon as she got her breath back she heard a voice from behind. ” Well Well Well ” purred the voice.

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