The Whispering Voice By:Thomas and Sofia

One rainy, dull morning Margret was getting ready for her usual boring school day. As she packed her blue, ragged bag the rain stopped, everything went quiet. ” Margret!” whispered a small, tight voice. ” Who..o..oo is” stammered Margret. She shouted for her mum. “MUM!” she anxiously shrieked. Nobody could hear her, time had stopped.

All the way in school, Mr Edwards (the teacher) was teaching a science lesson about magnets and how they work. ” Where is Margret?”  Mr Edwards asked himself. Barging in, Margret slipped on the class room floor making a loud shriek. “Sorry I’m late, I overslept!” Explained Margret. Margret sat down at her desk patiently. ” Margret!!” the voice scattered round the room. “Ahhh leave me alone!” She screamed. The whole class stared with confusion. Whatever next…

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