Warriors creek forest

Stealthily, Chloe crept down the  stairs, dodging the third step in case it creaked. At the bottom, she paused but all that she could hear was the silence that filled the house with sleep. Thunder crashed, CRASH! A question came into her head, Where was she going to end up.

Twenty minutes later, she entered Warriors Creek Forest. Creaky trees swayed above Chloe’s head. Old rusty swords lay on the dead grass. The bushes rustle gently from a gust of wind. Chloe heard a howl from a tree nearby…

Chloe sat down under the creaky trees and listened for the howl coming from the tree nearby. It was here she first saw the wolf. All morning she waited, till in the end her eyes  closed and she slept, dreaming of her stroking a wolf.

Later, she woke up with a start. The sun shone brightly in her eye’s. Chloe shuffled behind a tree that she fell asleep on. She heard something creeping up close, she shuffled closer behind the tree and suddenly a twig broke,  leaves rustled,  she new something was very close. What was it? …


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