Who? By: Ruby

Silently, Rose slipped down stairs and into the misty night. Thunder crackled like school children clapping their hands. While the mist hovered, Rose scampered into a muffled alley way. The walls loomed around her like figures throughout the night.

Suddenly, the dead lamp posts flickered. Movement around her flipped, circling their prey. BANG! A bin tipped. ‘Why? What? Who?’ Rose thought to herself. She scuttled into a corner and huddled, hood over her head.

BOOM! The streets echoed. “What do you want?” Rose cried, her throat clogged. A shadow stood behind her. Something or someone was making trouble. An icy grip held her palm.  “ROSE!” her father screeched with a wobble in his voice. But it was too late,  Rose and the figure were gone.

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