Yet Again

It was risky, it always was. Richard was a bit of a troublemaker, he was always sneaking out. His friends had invited him to the abandoned mall. Sneakily, he crept down the tall staircase to the lower window and dived out. He hopped onto his bike and cycled into the night.

His friends pulled out three crowbars and levered the door open. “Ladies first.” David joked. Richard mumbled ” Fine…”. He crept inside the mall and heard the broken door jam shut. As he stared out the glass he saw his friends laugh and cycle away.

Richard slowly backed towards a pillar that grew arms and shaded eyes. He ran into a nearby cafe and hid behind the counter. A coffee machine slipped into a puddle from the janitors bucket. The electrified pool swung towards him as he crouched down.

The cafe wasn’t safe anymore.  Quietly,  Richard slipped between the pillars upholding the walls of the abandoned mall. He heard a faint creak followed by a door slamming. Dust swayed into his throat, he couldn’t breathe for a minute. A shadow loomed over him, he was not alone…

The shadow moaned and spluttered a few words, most of it was gibberish. “Nec evadere.” followed by “You have sealed your doom in my icy tomb where I have rested for the years, your screams are a feast for my ears.”

Richard was near the power room. As he fumbled with the doorknob he realised the door was locked.”Vultus enim ad claves, non invenitur voluntas tua ad otium.” The creature was speaking in otherworldly words. Richard remembered that he took Latin classes to make his mum proud. He translated his speech to looking for the keys, they will be found with ease.

The lock was jammed with something, as he peered in he saw the key in the lock. The thing screamed as he switched the power on. He felt heroic as he stepped towards the door, as he left the creature whispered with his final breath “Thank you…”

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