14th January Afternoon – Session 1

Welcome to today’s session!

If you are not able to use Zoom to view this session, please use the YouTube Livestream.

*Please ensure all cameras are off and mics are switched off or muted.*

8 Responses to “14th January Afternoon – Session 1”

  1. Toby] You’re an electric eel ready to shock

  2. Can we search padlets and jotcasts so that we see only posts from our school?

  3. Am I able to find my blog post again after I have submitted it so I can do the recording?

    • Yes, you can click on your school’s tag and look through the posts to find your piece. If you can’t see the tag, have a look later on because we are sorting the tag cloud now.

  4. @Toby while you cant filter the padlets you can use ctrl-F (on any webpage) and search for your school name. It does seem to bring some up more than once but it enable you to find them.

  5. Hello, when I try to record my poem, the pause doesn’t work and it just keeps recording so I have to close it without saving it each time. Please can you tell me how to stop the recording. Thank you, Bella

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