You are my everything… Rocco

You are an old Canadian maple tree,

with red dancing leaves

in a wet autumn.


You are a beautiful headache

after a ride on the London Eye.


You are the smell of the grass

after a heavy rain in the Amazon rainforest.


You are the juicy Yorkshire pudding

on a Sunday roast, full of gravy.


You are the musical chirping of birds,

waking up the world at 6am.


You are a comfy blanket,

fluffy and feathered,

covering an old lady knees

sitting in front of the fire.


You are the courage of a child

who kicked the ball on the top bin of the San Siro.


You are the shining eyes

looking at the trail left by the shooting star,

on a hot summer’s night.


You are a funny face,

full of FAGE fat free yogurt,

forgotten in the fridge for 5 days.


You are a red strawberry,

a yellow banana,

an orange mango

of a refreshing smoothie.


You are the sunshine

that wakes up the Pacific Ocean

and wishes ” Good night” to the Mount Everest.


You are my dream of playing football,

like Zlatan Ibrahimovich,

in my beautiful Italy

surrounded by my family’s love.


You are my everything.

One Response to “You are my everything… Rocco”

  1. There is some great ‘name it’ going on in this poem, Rocco. You have really listened to Pie’s input carefully. I particularly like the alliteration in the phrase, “Fage fat-free yoghurt”; it mad me chuckle. We look forward to reading you next piece.

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