The Crystal Dragon

The Crystal Dragon 

As she soars in the sky
her crystal spikes shimmer in 
the sunlight,

She breaths out covering 
every landscape with her glittering 

She dives down until she reaches 
her gloomy cave illuminated
with with crystals,

Her wings cave around her 
younglings and feeds them until
their full,

She peers down at them with
her phoenix like face and 
soars off into the distance with 
her sea patterned wings,

Her scaly spiked tail swishes this way 
that whilst she searches with her
emerald like eye,

She roars, showing her pearly white 
teeth and breathing her crisp 
cold morning breath,

She lands, her ebony blue talons 
sinking into the ground whilst
she slurps from a sparkling river,

As she takes off again she flies 
over rivers and streams, 
lush green fields, hopping 
hares and landscapes of lilies,

And as she reaches home at last 
exhausted but refreshed, she tucks
in her younglings and falls into sweet



9 Responses to “The Crystal Dragon”

  1. You have created a charming story about your dragon with some powerful images Fleur, well done!

  2. fleur i found your poem really cool and I liked how you came up with an original idea for each verse about your dragon

  3. Love your poem flure, I love the cave being illuminated with crystals. what made you choose a crystal dragon?

  4. Well done Fleur! i love your poem, especially the start. It is fantastic.

  5. i really like your poem



  8. Dear Fleur,

    I really enjoyed your poem.

    Each new verse added an additional layer to a rich picture. I especially loved the ending, where you imply the gentleness of the mother dragon, through her actions rather than by explicitly stating it. This is a powerful technique but also provides a super contrast.

    Well done!

    Mrs. H

  9. What a wonderful poem, Fleur. I like how you have told the story of your dragon through your descriptions. I like the contrasts in some of your images, e.g. ‘gloomy cave’ yet ‘illuminated with crystals’.

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