A Bonfire Night Dragon

Its eyes are the colour of danger

they glisten in the sunlight,

like a Phoenix: proud and Precious.


Its dark scarlet tail has

the crisp crunch of autumn leaves

as it carefully curls up like a

crowd pleasing Catherine wheel.


Ruby red scales are bumpy and rough

they are hot when you touch them

and are the colour of summertime.


Wings beating fast and furiously

like a steady piano metronome

as the dragon soars through the sky

like a sizzling hot sparkler.


Its claws are as sharp as sharks teeth

digging into my skin like a fast fizzing

firework or the bang of a log burning on



Its teeth are as pointed as an axe

they carelessly tear apart

their unfortunate prey as it stomps

through the sandy stardust floor.







14 Responses to “A Bonfire Night Dragon”

  1. they nice poem ava i thought it was wonderful

  2. You have created some wonderfully evocative images of your dragon in this poem Ava and I love the theme of Bonfire night. The image of the dragon soaring into the night sky like a sizzling sparkler is particularly powerful.

  3. I like this poem, well done

  4. Dear Ava,

    This is a very powerful poem. I really enjoy your language choices!

    I especially love, ‘the colour of danger,’ and, ‘the sandy stardust floor.’

    Very well done,

    Mrs. H

  5. your poem was really descriptive i really liked it

  6. I loved all the describing words and similes you used I found this poem really cool and if I did not have a name I would have thought than an author wrote this.

  7. wow! what a great poem ava I love the idea of a bonfire dragon. The second verse has got to be my favourite.

  8. Wow,I love this poem! I especially love the ending “through sandy stardust floor. What made you use Catherine wheel?

  9. Ava, this poem is great! WOW! It was heart-warming to read, and I love thought of the dragon spinning into the air like Catherine wheel! Really, this isn’t just good, it is TOO good! I totally adored it.

  10. love your poem Ava so great can’t wait for your next one

  11. really great poem

  12. Hello Ava,

    You worked so hard on this poem. I really like how you were careful to link your images to the theme of your dragon, e.g. ‘crowd-pleasing Catherine Wheel’ and ‘fast-fizzing firework’. Very well done!

  13. I love you poem can’t wait to see all of your other ones

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